SEA SALT & CHOCOLATE ‘Cakes, Desserts en Cookies’

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11 okt 2021 om 14:14 Fantastic sweet experience! I only wish they'd replace the plastic containers. Cake slices each come in a separate plastic container twice the cake. I'd order more frequently and more comfortably if this matter is taken into account.
9 okt 2021 om 18:17 Altijd weer een klein feestje met het lekkers van hier enne please please voeg de cinnamons rolls toe aan de vaste kaart
22 sep 2021 om 12:01 Verslavend goed spul!
14 sep 2021 om 23:43 Wrong cake. Asked for red velvet CHEESEcake, i got the red velvet cake
7 aug 2021 om 14:10 AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!! Can't wait till next weekend. (Yes I need to brace myself because otherwise I'll get addicted).
21 jul 2021 om 23:16 Geweldig !
19 jul 2021 om 15:55 Heerlijk!
14 jul 2021 om 22:41 Heerlijke dingen besteld, alleen ik had 1 een verkeerde taart gekregen. Hoop volgende keer op de juiste bestelling.
5 jul 2021 om 6:24 I can’t fault the food - I challenge this business’ ethics. Common sense would ensure a customer who order was received twice in minutes would lead to call to check if there was an error. This business did not call and were obtuse when called by me.
3 jul 2021 om 6:25 Fresh and tasty. Exceptional!
17 jun 2021 om 16:31 Very rude driver who apparently was bother to come upstairs and just dropped the bag in the floor. Never gave it to me in hand properly and that cause the cakes were kind of damaged :/To make it even worse a cotton found it inside the bag. SO DISCUSSING!!